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Re: Regretting not trying harder...

You did your best, mama. If you want to relactate, you've gotten some great links, and you can feed formula at the breast with an SNS too, but if you are really done, don't look back. If you choose to keep FFing now, then that's what you decided was best at the time and don't beat yourself up for it. I stopped bfing dd1 at 2 weeks b/c of PPD meds, and later I found out there are lots of PPD meds that I could have taken while bfing that I didn't know about, and dd1 has lots of food issues now that were exacerbated by formula, so if I let myself dwell on it I would be soo depressed. But I did what I knew to be best with the info I had at the time, and having a not-crazy mom was very much in everyone's best interest. (And I didn't know dd1 was going to have crazy food issues, silly kid.) And now with dd2, I am bfing much longer--not bfing long with one baby doesn't mean you can't try again with the next one!
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