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Re: Silly games when kids are restless or need a distraction

Oh, man, the things we've used over the years! A lot of it is Mrs. PiggleWiggle inspired, so bear with

Be a silly character. Seriously, it works. We've had pirates, vampires, monsters, some mixed up German/Russian guy...

If you have a mason jar, those things are awesome! It became our boredom jar, where lots of different activities were written on slips of paper. It was our room cleaning jar, with cards in it ranging from "put away 5 cars" to "hop on one foot" You have to mix the fun in to get it done sometimes.

We've done 10 second tidies. I have 3 sand timers - a 30 second, a 1 minute, and a 2 minute one. Do you know how much can get done in just 30 seconds? It's a LOT, especially when they're racing around to do it.

Play Simon Says. This works everywhere - grocery store, home, it doesn't matter.

For older kids, I've left notes to/from the fairies: Dear kid, thank you so much! Every night I get to play in the puddles left on the bathroom floor. The ones in the tub disappeared too fast down the drain. Now I can play ALL night! Sincerely, the water sprite. It gets the point without losing my temper.

I'll probably think of more later, but I'm off to search for a good mac 'n cheese recipe right now and my brain has already left the track.
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