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Re: Does Anyone Else Work Opposite Shift of Significant Other?

DH works M-F 8-5 and I was working 12 hour nights 7p-7a on Fri, Sat and Sun. Because of DD I didnt get to sleep friday except during her naps or monday. By the time I was recovered from the weekend it was thursday and time to go back to work the next day. This was making me (and therefore DH) miserable so I cut back to part time and work 4 nights in a row then 10 off. It doesnt always work out perfectly so sometimes I work 2 on and 5 off. My inlaws keep DD on Sunday and Monday nights when I'm working then DH brings her home at lunch so I actually get to sleep.

We are still working on the balance thing. I think DH thinks I'm a SAHM because I'm home during the day, during the week and gets so fussy about me being too tired to keep up with the house and the babe. I also hate switching from being a night person to a day person and am up at all weird hours of the night when I'm not working which makes him nuts.
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