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Re: Time out/GD questions and advice needed

OT but mackenzie weaned when i was 8 months preggo and when makaela was 4 weeks or so HAD to nurse again just out of the blue one day. now she is back to 4-5 times a day
kenzie has been testing us since kaela was born also and dh and i have different methods of dealing with her....throwing food is a huge problem as is spitting(just in general, not food) we have her clean her mess, food goes in tehe trash and the meal is over. when she spits on someone she wipes it up. for both she has to apologize for making a mess or being ugly. we tell her "big girls do not throw their food/spit; you are a big girls. no more throwing food/spitting" she will give a huge smile and kiss and play bc she got the attention she wanted....I reserve timeouts for hitting the baby(yesterday she bit her foot really hard while i was nursing her ) or hitting/kicking dh and i.
i would not suggest her bed as time out bc you need her to sleep there and dont want her to associate the two, kwim? we use a chair or stool depending on where we are in the house, sit her on it, explain why she is there and set the timer for 1 minute.when she gets out she apologizes and gives kisses.
HTH good luck
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