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Milk before 12 months

I am wondering why you arent suposed to give milk before 12 months. I have heard all sorts of reasons, alergies and nutrition to name a few. I have to return to work in 2 weeks and DD will be 11 months old. She wont take anything but water from a sippy cup. She had milk once out of her cousins cup and loved it, she drank half the cup before anyone noticed. I have a hard time getting much when I pump, so that isnt really an option for us. We have tried a bunch of differant formulas and arent getting very far in that respect either. So I am wondering if it would be a problem to introduce milk a month early. In my oppinion it doesnt seem like a big deal, so I thought I would get some info before I decide what I am going to do. DD eats yogurt almost every day and hasnt had any reactions to it at all, she loves the stuff. So I am not worried about alergies, but want to know if there are other reasons. Thanks
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