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Re: Meal Ideas for a one year old

Originally Posted by daniels_mami View Post
my son isnt eating the way he used to and we usually dont give him what we are eating bcuz its stuff i dont like him eating like pork or spicy food. plus we eat late when dh comes and by that time he should be going to bed. anyways i would love to see what others do for their one year old or two year olds.
DD doesn't usually eat what we eat either for 2 reasons. One, I'm a picky eater and I'd prefer she get more variety in her diet. And two, I usually have to wait until later than she's in bed for DH and I to be ready for dinner anyway.

That said, she eats a lot, though I will admit not much meat.

*mini pasta or couscous mixed with either: pasta sauce, pureed squash, cheese and a little milk, chicken broth and veggies...
*homemade baked mac & cheese
*spinach & cheese ravioli
*chicken breast reheated in (low sodium) teriyaki sauce with rice and broccoli
*chicken noodle soup
*sunflower seed nut butter w/all fruit jam sandwiches
*tahini w/all fruit jam sandwiches
*deli ham and cheese sandwiches
*deli turkey and cheese sandwiches
*grilled cheese
*occasionally pizza if it's not greasy
...we did do sandwich rollups (wraps instead of bread) but she tried to swallow the rollups whole so we backed off on that for now
...and more often than I like, we do give the Beechnut version of Graduates or Gerber Pasta Pickups. But I'm hoping to get away from that once I become a SAHM.

At lunch or dinner, I usually add some frozen mixed veggies to round out the meals...

Breakfast is usually either organic waffles, scrambled egg, or oatmeal (not prepackaged, the real thing) with a cup of Vanilla Oat Milk...

For snacks, DD has: applesauce, fresh fruit, freeze dried fruit (like Just Tomatoes products), fruit cups packed in juice (no syrup!), yogurt, raisins with close supervision, cut up cheese, organic whole grain crackers, organic graham crackers, organic cereal bars..

I'll admit she had more variety when we gave her organic jarred babyfood. Like I said, I'm picky so it's hard for me. But I am trying to add more variety to her diet. I have some lentils and other beans in the cabinet that I'm dying to find something easy to make with them for her.
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