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Re: Meal Ideas for a one year old

I have a really picky eater.... One of his favorite things are whole wheat pancakes. I also add in grated carrots, bananas, or peaches or something to add something extra to it. And I know it sounds strange but I use a tablespoon of natural peanut butter instead of oil. I just make up a few big batches and stick them in the freezer for later. He eats those like 5 times a week for breakfast.

Some other things he eats:
--melted cheese on toast
--YoBaby yogurt
--dried peas/beans (I cook the whole bag at once, freeze them in ice cube trays, and then store in bags for later.)
--fresh fruit (his faves are yellow peaches, bananas, strawberries)
--baked carrots (take a whole "batch" and wrap them like sweet potatoes and bake - I do the same with some other veggies)
--steamed (or broiled) broccoli, green beans, spinach, etc.
--peanut butter sandwiches, toast w/ PB, crackers w/ PB
--boiled eggs
--cheddar cheese cubes
--refried beans
--baked chicken and rice (real easy, you don't have to add seasonings or anything, just dump some chicken breasts, rice, and water in a dish. LOL)
--sauteed veggies and chicken
--vegetarian "chicken" nuggets

And his all-time favorite:
Whole wheat pasta with a tiny bit of organic Ragu. Its my favorite too (only I like a TON of sauce).

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