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Re: Maternity Leave, Teaching and Staff Dev.

Well, I get why they can't pay me, b/c it is part of my contract. In theory if I was there for the week before school starts I would get the hours, and get paid. I'm loosing all my sick days that I've saved (so I can get a paycheck) but that should matter b/c I am giving them my sick days. I already talked to the asst. super.

If I wasn't going on maternity leave, I could choose to get paid (if pre-approved) for the workshop I am going to all next week. But, they can't count those as part of my 60 hours b/c I am getting paid to get 60 hours at another time.

And a pp asked if it is 60 hours every year - YES! BTW nurses only have to get 9! I teach in Arkansas, and it's usu. no prob to get my hours, but this year is weird since LO is coming.

I'm not a member of AEA (ed assoc) b/c I disagree with some of the things they use some of their money for. I guess I'm sort of stuck, but at least it's only a week, not longer!
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