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Re: my first few days cding

I have just started as well...started on Weds and am doing okay as well. I too am having the same issue with the PFs looking loose around the legs. I use some pockets as well and a kissaluv. I love the ease of use of the pockets as well as the kissaluv and I always use a fleece liner when I use either of these two types. I have started with a really small stash (5 PFs, 2 happy heineys, 2 kissaluvs - 1 too big, and 1 prowrap) and I was told to use the fleece liners to keep my little one's bum drier as well. We had a really bad diaper rash prior to starting the CDs due to really loose bowls and that has cleared up tremendously! I would suggest trying the fleece liners too...I was told to go and buy some thin fleece from Joann's or Wally world and cut them up (1yd makes approx 25 liners) and that is what I did. If you find out how to get the PFs tighter around the legs I would definitely like to know how also. I will be checking this thread for more info on that. Good luck and I hope your little one's bum gets better soon!
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