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Re: I succombed to using jarred baby food...kinda LONG...

I offer both jarred and homemade foods. For me, the trouble is that I don't have easy access to good organic produce. If I want anything besides organic apples or carrots, I have to drive more than 25 miles (each way) to Whole Foods or one of the larger grocery stores in the city. And that just isn't always possible. So, I decided that I had a choice...I could either buy the organic jarred food or make homemade stuff with non-organic produce. I chose to go with organic. I still try to make batches of food and freeze them, whenever I can get my hands on some organic fruits and veg. But its nice to have the jarred stuff as back up.

Also, we're vegetarians, so I haven't been really concerned with those "complete meal" foods. I think that's more of a gimmick to appeal to parents who think babies need "meat and potatoes" just like mommy and daddy are eating. Really, if your kiddo is less than a year old, baby food is just for fun and to practice table-skills rather than as an important source of nutrition. Breastmilk (or formula) should be the centerpiece of your feeding routine. The three meals of solids that you are currently considering sounds a bit excessive. Don't be in a big hurry to eliminate breastmilk/formula meals in favor of solid foods just yet. BM and formula are what your baby needs to grow and develop properly. A jar of "turkey and rice" can't compete nutritionally with a boob or bottle. So, don't worry about offering "three square meals" to your LO just yet. A variety of fruits, veggies, some non-allergenic grains, and maybe a little whole milk yogurt should be enough for a baby that age.
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