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My baby hates jar food-time to make my own?

I am trying really really hard to get my 6 month old to like baby food, he seems pretty hungry and is nursing every 2 hours. We started out with cereal at 5 months and he was ok with it. He ate about 2-3 tbs at a time. Now he won't have it, or any other type of jarred food. He's gagging on just about anything except fruit. I know he can swallow well cause he's can just eat up some smashed avacado and potatoes with no problems.
I am thinking that it's the jarred stuff he won't touch, so I should just make my own. I did this with my other 2 babies, but only simple stuff like baked apples, peaches, pears in addition to thier jarred food. I'd like to try some different recipes now, I'm just not sure where to start. Can you please share your recipes and/or sources so I can get started and get my little guy eating solids? TIA
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