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the dentist... (my poor I the most horrible mommy ever?)

My 6-year old DD has had yearly dental check-ups in the past, but they were with a family practice and basically consisted of the dentist asking to look in her mouth. No biggie. Well we switched insurances so that we could go to a pediatric dentist and she had her first appointment today... and I am so traumatized!

My daughter was great - no tears, no arguments, perfect angel! However, during the course of the cleaning, exam, fluoride treatment, and x-rays (whew, so much stuff for a little one to sit through!) they found not one... but 2 cavities!?! I feel like the worst mother on the entire planet!!!! We've taken very good care of her teeth since she's HAD teeth! She brushes twice a day, etc! I have no idea how this happened all of a sudden!

The worst part... they asked to have her come in for the follow-up to take care of the cavities THIS AFTERNOON!! At 2:30, we're going back. She's totally fine with it and my husband is working from home today so I can leave my 1-year old napping at home with him so I know it's convenient... but I am so traumatized FOR her! My poor baby!

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