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Re: the dentist...

I just talked to my friend (who is a good mother!) and she told me that when she went to the dentist at age 7, she had 3 cavities during the same appointment. I know her mom, too, (another good mother!) so I somehow feel slightly better knowing it's not just me! I talked to DH and he said he had trouble with his teeth when he was little so maybe it's his fault genetically or something, hehe. I've only ever had 1 cavity in my ENTIRE life and I was an adult, so I think I am overreacting slightly. I still feel like I want to cry for my poor little girl but I don't feel quite as awful - like I could have done something more to prevent it.

Also, DH offered to take her this afternoon if I can't handle it. Call me pathetic but I might take him up on the offer - My daughter won't do very well if mommy is crying!! He's working from home today and he said he could make up the time this evening if it'll help. Not sure what I'll do yet - part of me thinks I should go with her to "mommy" her and b/c everyone wants their mommy when they're sad!
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