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Re: Does Anyone Else Work Opposite Shift of Significant Other?

We did until now. I'm stopping it b/c it isn't working for us. I was working Fri and Sat 7p-7a and he worked a regular day job M-F. I was exhausted all weekend, even though he parented while I slept. I felt like we were separated or divorced. We had the weeknights together, but it wasn't the same. I'm a social person, I want to be together.

Now I'm going back to work during the day M-TH and we'll have 3 day weekends together. He works from home on Fri, so it's kind of like a weekend :P It wasn't worth it to me before. Everyone who does it says they make the sacrifice, but never seem very happy. I'd rather just pay for daycare.

Although, if we have a second, I'll probably cut back to 3 days and get a part time nanny, b/c 2 in regular daycare is so expensive.
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