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Re: Suggestions for helping my son sleep in his crib..

Check out the No Cry Sleep Solution. It has some good ideas. I have the same problem. With ds#1 I always slept with him. It's not an option now that ds#2 is here. I nurse ds#2 to sleep, try to slip in the binky, push a blanket between us before getting out of bed, play music, etc etc etc. I have to go in after an hour or so to nurse him back to sleep. He's 14 mo. Having a routine helps.


ETA: When I have read of CIO instructions before, it's always recomended to do CIO at night first, then add naps later. With you co-sleeping at night it might be hard to do CIO effectively in the daytime. I have never tried CIO so I don't have personal experience to add...

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