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ISO Your Best Vax Facts!

Hi Mamas!
Met our new ped today - we have not vaxed at all yet (DD is 17 months old) because it just doesn't feel right to me to put all of those chemicals into a tiny perfect immune system. But I don't have many solid facts, and I need some to deal with this lady! (our old doc hasn't hassled us about vaxes so I didn't need a good bank of documented reasons to object!). I'd really like facts that are documented/can be referenced - not just opinions, because I didn't go to medical school and there's no way this lady will leave us alone based on opinion. Our office just got her as the full-time ped and she's got a great personality for kids, so i'm willing to give her another try before I demand our old family doc for well baby visits. I just need to be able to put up an informed fight....
the thing about her that really bugged me is that she pulled out the percentile graph thing (old doc never compared my kid to other kids)and went on and on about how my 20 lb toddler was healthy but too small (20th percentile or something) and if she gets sick she has no weight reserve... well, my kid eats a ton and prefers fruits and veggies to ice cream or junk, and she is really really amazingly healthy - I think this lady is nuts for telling me to make my kid gain weight. Sorry, I'm ranting...
whatever solid vax advice/facts you have would really help me out!

BTW, she listed her recommended vaxes for my 17 month old in order like this:

1. DTap
2. Polio
3. MMR
4. Chicken Pox
5. Hib (isn't my kid too old for this? she tried to scare me with menningitis, pneumonia...)
6. Pneumococcal
7. Hep B

Help me mamas!
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