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Re: Ok, how many of you EBF but don't eat like you should?

just found this online

its from a forumla company so dont flame me but it CLEARLY STATES that DHA and ARA ARE found in BM

Sources of DHA
If you choose not to breastfeed then it's important to give your baby a formula that contains DHA and ARA

Prior to birth, infants receive maternal DHA and ARA across the placenta. After birth, breastfed infants continue to receive maternal DHA and ARA from breast milk. Researchers believe formula-fed infants should receive these nutrients from lipid-fortified formulas until they start solid foods in the second half of the first year. (Foods high in DHA include meat, fish and eggs. Consult your pediatrician about an appropriate age to give solid foods.)


it says nothing about having to eat fish for it be in your BM
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