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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

I don't know. I think it's different for every family. I adored cosleeping but it got to the point where my DD would seriously kick me all night the legs, stomach, crotch, even chest. It was like she was climbing me while she was sleeping and I wasn't getting any sleep. We started weaning her into her crib at around 8 months. She sleeps the first half of the night in there, then I bring her into our room, lay with her and nurse and then put her in the pack and play next to our bed. We all sleep so much better this way. She is quite the active little thing when she sleeps and this way I can respond to her right away so she doesn't get completely awake but also have my space and she has her space. Also, the first half of the night in her room allows DH and I to have some alone time before bringing her into our room for the second half of the night. If you're comfortable with cosleeping and it works, I say do it until you don't feel comfortable with it anymore.
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