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Re: ISO Your Best Vax Facts!

Originally Posted by imommy View Post
Get The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. It has all the information you need and you can take it with you to your next appointment and ask specific questions or show her specific things in the book about why you don't want to vax because of the ingredients, etc. etc. I'm half way through The Vaccine Book and I really like it. It has been so helpful to me!
i just ordered that book off of ebay and can't wait to read it! I vaxed my two dd's but am looking at delay/select vaxing my son. One thing, my dd's have always been in the 10th percentile for weight/height and my pediatrician has never made any comments about it being a problem-those charts are just to keep track of your kids growth, to make sure its either staying consistent or progressing at a steady pace, and not all of a sudden dropping-for example, if your child has been at the 10th percentile in weight for several visits and then all of a sudden drops down to the 5th percentile-this would indicate a potential problem. I have several friends who's children aren't even on the chart, because of their size sara
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