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Re: Co-Sleeping... when to stop??

Well my oldest is 6.5 almost 7 and still sleeps with us the majority of the time. He has just started sleeping in his own room. But he also has special needs, so tht is at least part of it. I don't think there is an age where you have to stop, I think the child will let you know when they are ready to move. My mom slept with my brother and I when we were little (we're 20months apart). We shared a room till I was about 10, and my mom would sleep with us if one of us was sick or had a nightmare ect. And if my dad went away on a business trip we would all pile into my parents bed together, we loved it. After I had my own room my brother would sometimes come sleep on the bottom bunk of my bunk beds if he had a nightmare. Even into my teens my mom would sleep in the guest room bed with me if I was sick. I turned out pretty normal (some would argue) and my mom and I have a healthy relationship, we aren't creepy close or anything, but we are really good friends. My brother is the same way with her, and he and I have come to be good friends since our teen years (there were years when we were kids that we wanted to kill each other). In the past year or two we have actually gotten close, more because of shared interests than anything.
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