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Re: ISO Your Best Vax Facts!

Originally Posted by Kanga View Post
It isn't your job to prove to your dr. why you believe in not doing vaxing. If she presses, just keep repeating "We're comfortable with our decision and it's not up for discussion." as many times as necessary. Honestly, you'll never convince your decision is the right decision. No matter what evidence you present her with, she'll find something to counter it with.

And 20% is not that low. Vaxed or not, kids get sick so that should have nothing to do with it. What's more important than the percent is that they are not jumping all over the place and their diet. If they're 60% at one visit, and 20% the next, then yeah that'd be something to be concerned about. But if she's always in the 20% and has a healthy appetite, then that's just her body type and there's nothing you can do about it. In today's world with childhood obesity rates at the highest it's ever been, 20% really isn't as low as it sounds.

I'd start looking for a new one.
Amen to this! Maybe I'm the oddball, but in my practice I'd rather the mom/dad/parent be upfront and honest with me about their choices. If they don't want to vax, fine, a-ok by me. Tell me that you are comfortable with your decision and I'll support you to the end (as long as it's not something that will kill your kid). You need to remember that the ped's job is to ensure the health of the child, and that includes physical, psychological, social, and family health and wellbeing. In that light, it is a HCP's job to provide education and support their patient's decisions. It is not our right to bully the patients. That's assault. That's illegal. Do not under any circumstance discuss your choice. Present it matter of factly and make it clear that it's not open for discussion.
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