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Re: Ok, how many of you EBF but don't eat like you should?

Sorry, I was completely distracted while I posted that and didn't get a chance to comment. I hope it didn't come across like I think everyone is terrible for not watching their diets better.

I should have started my post w/ "I stink at eating right and only wish I could do better - as I sit here munching my brownie"

I just found that article in response to the comments about how diet CAN affect breastmilk. I've read it before somewhere else and can't remember where.

A can of tuna once a week will probably be enough to boost our DHA levels and make sure our milk has plenty too. Also, the article points out that any DHA we have goes to our breastmilk first (or our baby's brains in-utero) and our own brains second. So, I guess there is a factual basis for that "pregnancy brain" we all complain about.
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