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Re: ISO Your Best Vax Facts!

I'm inspired - I want another appointment so I can go back in there and stick up for my unvaxed skinny kid! I was pretty discouraged by this lady, and after I had heard such great things about her. But you're right, it'd be a waste of breath to argue with her. I didn't go to medical school, but she did...
I told her that my concerns started when I had an adverse reaction a few years go to a flu shot (stupid me, never doing that again...) and the urgent care docs told me it couldn't possible be vax-related. I had a fever, was unable to use the right side of my body, couldn't see well and couldn't hear (this built over about a week after the vax). Since that experience I've learned a good bit, and I don't have unconditional faith in doctors anymore!

I'm off to see if the library has Dr. Sears.
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