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Re: When do you start 3rd foods?

How much formula a baby gets is based on how much they want. When my guy was that age all he has was between 16-18oz a day.

As for the stage 3 foods I think most ppl dont start that until around 9months. My guy was in no way ready for 3rd stage or any of those snack type foods at 6months. Maybe a biter biscuit but nothing else.

the only thing that concerns me is you saying the baby does not get much formula which should be the main source of nutrition for a 6month old.

I would prob casually say something maybe in question form so that the person might think hey i should look that up or something. Say something like how much formula does "doe" get a day? cause i read somewhere that babies that age were taking somewhere between 16-24oz. Something like that. But if you think they are defensive then i would still say something but thats me you might want to reconsider though.

Could be that maybe she is just not aware thta formula shoudl be the main source of nutrition, or that her pedi said it was okay, or she doesnt care and solids fill him up faster and longer, I dont know what the reason is but I am sure there is one.
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