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Re: Do I have to start with rice cereal? (kind of a rant, kind of a question)

It just amazes me to see some of the post that some of you make saying your pedi said this and that. My pedi told me not to start G on solids until 6months unless i felt like he was really ready and that its better not to start them until at least 6months.

I think your the mama and you decide whats best for you child with the guidance of your pediatrician. i think the knowledge they have is great and sharing is great but they dont know your child the way you do and the 15m they spend with them every couple of months in no way gives them to right to tell you what to do with your baby. They are not god so to speak and dont know everything and apparently some of them are out of date anyway

ETA: G hated the rice cereal and my pedi said it was fine to start off with whatever we wanted and as long as we waited the few days in between things to make sure he didnt have a reaction.
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