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Re: Meal Ideas for a one year old

Originally Posted by daniels_mami View Post
please do share!
Alright, this is only what is suggested in the magazine. I haven't tried it all so I couldn't tell you how well it all works. In fact, I don't even know what some of it is! I can tell you that besides the things I noted, he loves all the fruits too. His current fave is the pineapple. I hope you find something he likes!

Whole-grain couscous
Ripe mango or papaya
Whole-grain French toast (DS love this with jelly instead of syrup)
Cooked green beans
Cooked (and peeled) white or sweet potato cubes
Chopped hard-boiled egg (after 12 months)
Cooked zucchini or squash
Mozzarella cheese
Well-cooked asparagus tips
Sliced grapes (In the pic these are sliced really tiny so baby doesn't choke)
Mini rice cakes
Grilled cheese sandwich, cut into strips or cubes
Brown Rice
Ripe Apricot
Whole-grain pancakes
Tiny, well cooked broccoli florets
Whole-wheat macaroni and cheese (another one of DS's faves!)
Cucumber (peel,remove seeds, and slice/cube)
Well cooked diced carrot (you can get carrots like this by gerber in little jars)
Teething biscuits or Zwieback crackers
Whole-grain toast with all-fruit spread
Fruit cocktail (be sure to slice the cherries and grapes)
Whole-grain waffle
Grated or shaved apple
Small oranges, fresh (remove membranes) or canned (after 12 months)
Canned or very ripe fresh pears
Tiny chunks of turkey meatballs
Matzoh crackers
Shredded cheese or cheese crumbles
Fork-smashed canned beans or chickpeas
Graham crackers (avoid honey varieties until 12months)-(DS loves these too)
Ripe honeydew, cantaloupe, or watermelon (remove seeds)
Bites or crumbles of whole grain muffin
Ripe peaches
Cooked pearl barley
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