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Re: Yes another circumcision post-no flaming!

Great thread!

I have just learned about NOT circ'ing my DS and my first DS and DH are circ'd...and this one will not be.

The best thing I heard when making my decision was that when they're adult males the skin naturally retracts, whereas a baby's skin is similar to your fingernail attached to your finger (the foreskin and head are fused) when you hear "it's worse for a grownup to get circ'd" I think that's BS because when a baby gets it done they tear the head and the foreskin apart, and at least an adult males already retracts and can just be cut, and an adult male can have proper pain medication before AND after the circ, unlike a baby. I have heard that when you hear your baby is sleeping sweetly during his circ and can't feel it...that is thought to possibly be a coping mechanism for infants in horrible pain, and they're possibly in shock. You can't tell me they can't feel it, even the sleeping ones who don't appear botherd.

Stand firm on your decision, you're doing the right thing!
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