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Re: Yes another circumcision post-no flaming!

As a pp said, the medically necessary circ rate in Scandinavia, where they are used to dealing with (and respecting the function of) the intact penis is between 1:14-16 THOUSAND boys. If you surround yourself w/ knowledge and knowledgeable care providers, your son is extremely extremely unlikely to ever need a circumcision.

My husband is from the UK, where they no longer routinely circ, and he knows not a single person who has had issues.

Many of the issues you hear of here are either non-issues (doctors freaking out over a toddler's foreskin not retracting when some don't retract till puberty and that is normal) or caused by the establishment (doctors advising parents to retract prematurely) or simple lack of knowledge (slight redness for a day or two that may go along with the natural separation process that a doctor decides is an infection), etc.

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