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Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??

Congrats on baby #2. I, too, had a c/s with my DS, and am planning on a VBAC with future number 2. I had done a lot of reading and research and know that a VBAC will be better for me and my future children. The current medical climate is pretty negative about VBACs for malpractice insurance reasons. It is a better defense for doctors to say that they "did everything" as opposed to letting nature take its course.

The "rules" your doctor told you are pretty common for VBACs. I agree with the no pitocin, as it increases the risk for uterine rupture. I strongly diasgree with the repeat section scheduled at your due date. I would ask why he has that rule and to show you what research he has used to made that request. There are no studies that show any increased risk for VBAC patients going over their due date. By arbitarily setting a date that you must go into labor by, he is not being supportive of your desire to VBAC. In regards to monitoring, you can ask to have a telemetry monitor, which is wireless, if you desire. BTW - You are in charge of your body, and can refuse any of his "rules" if you want. They cannot tie you down and section you if you do not consent.

I wish you the best! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want additional support.
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