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Re: DFW mamas

Okay, I'm going to post links to the pics because I want them to be big enough for you to see them.

BSWW do not have extra gussets, and the PUL fabric is significantly thicker than the Thirsties covers, and the elastic/casing is softer than Thirsties. Two are off-white and pristine, never pooped in, peed in once or twice maybe. The third is snow white, also never pooped in, peed in once or twice, but has a black marker tip spot on the outside and some sort of small food stain on the outside (pix of both to follow). I think I may have put that food stain there while taking these pix, the marker blip I do remember being there when I bought them.

I do have a NB vintage Gerber cover with double gussets. It's probably ten years old but appears to have never been used and looks brand new I didn't use it because Ian couldn't wear NB size even at birth. The inside is not slick, the PUL layer is covered with plain polyester. Pix to follow.

I've put both AI2s in the same picture. Snoopy and Celestial, both with two doublers, both stain free. Snoopy is FMBG (WAHM brand?) and says it's a small, but looks more like a medium. Celestial is Lucy's Hope Chest (WAHM brand?) and says medium, but looks a bit long for a medium. Both have super soft microfleece/shammy type material inside. We are just not a AI2 family, I bought these while PG just to try everything and I haven't even put it on him.

gerber cover inside:

gerber cover outside:

BSWW inside:

BSWW outside:

BSWW marker tip stain, outside of white one:

BSWW stain outside on white one, I think it's food or something:

AI2 (both) insides:

AI2 (both)outsides (Celestial is more purple than in this pic):

So there you go. I'm going to be in Bedford tomorrow around 3pm offloading the PFs if anyone wants to meet me. I know a lot of you ladies are on the Ft W side of town and can't drive up towards me...
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