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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

We started at 2 weeks. A friend of our who used to live at a co-op with my husband and I gave me the Diaper Free book when I was pregnant and my husband read it and got really into it. He was the one really pushing for us to do it... I on the other hand was completely overwhelmed with being a new mommy!

After two weeks I decided to try it and it actually worked! I was so excited.

We would use the sitz bath tub next to the bed first thing in the morning, and then the sink the rest of the time. Now we use a little potty or a seat on the big potty.

We make a hissing sound for pee and grunting for poo. And signals have never been to helpful (aside from the obvious "i'm trying to poop face"), so we've used the timing/instinct combo... much to my surprise (I'm not sure why!) our instincts are pretty right on!

We have never been too hard core about it, mostly we just like to keep it casual and fun.

Lately (like the last 6 months!) our DD, who is almost 11 months, has been pretty cranky about sitting on the potty, like screaming every time we put her on, so we haven't been doing it too much. But we've discovered that she likes to read while on the pot (just like her Daddy ), and that has been saving us lately.

Just today I caught three pees! I haven't caught that many in months. Hooray for ECing!!!
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