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my friend's nursing trouble

One of my best friends just had her baby boy
last week and she's having trouble nursing. I thought I'd bounce this
off all of you since you've helped me so much. Here's what she wrote:

"We've been working with the lactation consultant since day 2 and no
luck yet. We've tried so many things she's run out of ideas. He won't
suck hard enough to draw out enough milk even when he has a good
latch. Right now the closest we've come to him actually nursing is
with a nipple shield but he puts his tongue in front of the holes
instead of keeping it under the nipple. He dozes off every time and i
think he is just using me as a pacifier."

My DS didn't have much trouble latching after we finally got rid of
the pacifier and hold problems, so I told her about that, but I'm not
sure that will help her much. Any ideas?

Thanks so much in advance,
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