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Re: my friend's nursing trouble

was her baby boy a preemie or full term?

i had/have a similar problem with my DD. she was 6 wks early and would fall asleep after a few attempts at sucking. Even though I wanted to BF so bad and not get "nipple confusion," she lost so much weight plus had jaundice so I gave in and bottle fed her. Before that, I tried the Supplemental nursing system but my current lactation consultant (this is the 3rd!) said she doesn't recommend those because babies learn to suck on the tubing.

I also tried feeding by eyedropper and cup but she rejected both of those but your friend might try that so he can get food but get his sucking met at the breast.

In the end, my solution was to pump around the clock 10x day, every 2 hours for the first 2 weeks, put her at my breast as long as possible with a nipple shield, then bottlefeed her my milk until she was satisfied. at first I had her on my nipple for only about 5 minutes per feeding ... slowly after a couple weeks, she got the hang of it and now after 2 months, she can feed off the nipple shield for as long as she likes (but I still have to pump afterwards and give her some milk in a bottle if she is crying for it).

something else to consider, if she chooses to bottlefeed, I was recommended the playtex silicon naturalatch size newborn (1 hole) as it most closely mimics the breast and the baby should have the nipple in her mouth as far as possible. Also you should keep the baby upright and the bottle parallel to the ground or the baby will get used to a fast and easy feeding and will resist the breast (this is what is happening to me right now and it's hard).

sorry so long but I emphatize...

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