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Re: DFW mamas

DH was in a car wreck yesterday!!!!

THANK GOD he is ok. We have a friend who is from Houston but he is staying with us because he works on Chris's pipeline crew.

Normally they take our SUV to work, because Chris gets Truck Pay (a weekly gas allowance)... well yestrday they took tommy's little Mustang Convertable because the boys had their well child visits with their pediatrician, so since we only have one vehicle, they took Tommy's to work so I would have transportaion for the day.

Well at 8:09 Chris tried to call me, but I didn't answer because the three of us were still in bed and I didn't hear my phone ring. So I went to make a phone call about 9:30 am and saw that he had tried to call and had left me a voice mail. I listened to the message and all he said was "It's me, I need you to call me!" and sounded really upset so I knew that something was wrong.

I tried to call him back for the next two hours but it kept going straight to voice mail. So I tried to call Tommy, and again, just to voice mail.

Well, apparantly they came up a hill or around a corner or something like that, and there as a dead animal in the road (they think it was a large raccoon)... well Tommy didn't think that he could clear it since his car sits so low to the ground, and decide to swerve around it. Well apparantly the decision to swerve was kindof last minute, so he cut the wheel too far left. Then when he tried to go back right, he over he cut the wheel left again, and apparantlyl it became a cycle of trying to fix it, and just over compensating so it was just like he kept doing fish-tails. Eventuallly they ended up in a ditch.

The air bags deployed, so the air bags have to be replaced and the dash board fixed, two tires were flat, at least one (but maybe two) of the wheels are damaged, the bumber is destroyed, the front end is smashed up, and they think the radiator may be cracked... Oh yeah, and the car won't even start!

I guess Chris called me shortly after it happend. Tommy called his wife to ask her to transfer money into his account to pay for the tow truck, and then Chris was going to call me to ask me to go online to see if the money had shown up in his account yet. Then he called his boss to let them know that Tommy couldn't work. The boss was going to come and pick up Chris and take him to work, but the tow truck showed up first. So Chris called his boss back to see how far away he was so that he wouldn't be just sitting on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere by himself.

I guess the boss was just a few miles away, but then it dawned on both of them that Chris wouldn't have a way home (they are working an hour to an hour and a half away from where we live), so Chris got permission to just leave with Tommy and come home. The boss said that things happen and of course he didn't have to come in.

And after THAT phone call, both of their phones died because the goobers didn't charge them the night before.

So I'm sitting on my couch nursing the baby when I hear that "beep, beep, beep" sound that tow trucks make when they are backing up... keep in mind I STILL haven't talked to Chris only heard that voice mail, so I've been worried for like 2 1/2 hours) I get up to look out the window so I can see what's going on, and there is the tow truck backing up into my driveway with Tommy's beat up car aboard! I flipped!

PRAISE THE GOOD LORD that both of them are ok!! But talk about a stressfull morning!

Poor Tommy was in such a bad mood for the rest of day and took his laptop into his room and slept and watched movies all day. He came out when dinner was ready, ate quickly and then said "Thank you for dinner, it was good." And then went back into his room.

Anyway, sorry this was kindof long, but you know it is when you need to get something off of your chest to feel better!

God bless!
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