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Re: If your LO has had a lead test / screening....

Our house is 170 years old and I've always known that we had plenty of lead paint around. My daughter puts EVERYTHING into her mouth and I haven't really worried myself over it. I'm diligent about vacuuming up any paint chips that I see, but really unless you kids are sitting around eating paint chips or licking the woodwork you probably don't have much to worry about.

Of course it doesn't hurt to get them tested and your Ped should tell you if the level that comes back is of concern or not. Our Ped tests everyone at 1 and 2 years. That might be a state requirement though (NY State) because we also got a letter from the state health department explaining the results of the test.

As for having yourself tested, that doesn't hurt either, but unless you are eating paint chips or you are doing a lot of renovation/sanding without wearing a mask then you are probably okay too.

The reason that doctors recommend you test children is because lead paint chips actually taste sweet so small children may find and eat some then keep going back for more.

Also, lead in the water...that usually comes from having lead supply pipes. When water stands in them for a period of time, like overnight, small amounts of lead can leach out into the water. If this is the case experts usually recommend that you run the tap for 30 seconds or so before using the water so that you flush out all the standing water and get to fresh water. You can also replace your supply pipes. We had one house where we had to run the tap in the kitchen before using it but not in the bathrooms becuase those pipes were newer.
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