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Re: I succombed to using jarred baby food...kinda LONG...

Just don't give her purees at all. I've always just given my kids diced up bananas, avocadoes, melon, baked sweet potatoes, etc and if they got it in their mouths, they ate it. They've been self-feeders from the time that they started solids (10mo, 6mo, and 11.5mo) and we didn't have problems with choking/gagging since they learned how to chew and swallow from the get-go. TBH, my oldest and youngest didn't eat a *lot* of solids until they were about 18m, but they nursed so much I didn't worry.

Solids aren't a big deal. Toss some soft chunks of whatever you're eating on the highchair tray and let them go to town on it. They'll love it!
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