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Re: When do you start 3rd foods?

My DD never once, not one day in her life, ate 30 oz of formula. She just isn't a big eater. At her 6 mo appt her Ped said that she would like to see her get at least 18 oz per day, and if she wasn't that I should call her and talk about it. But then she followed it up with - but if she doesn't WANT that much, there really isn't much you can do...
DD was right around 18-20 oz/day at that point.
At the 9 mo appt they said 16 oz was the min/day. She sometimes only has 15, but usually is around 18/day still.

Maybe she is mixing some of the solids (like cereals) with formula and not counting that part? I hope. I did that. It gave her an extra 2-4 oz/day that way. If they eat a LOT of cereal some people even end up mixing 6-10 oz/day of formula in that way.
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