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Re: Redness, swelling on hand - allergy or acid?

Originally Posted by dragondance View Post
Sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Dd has sensitive skin but when she has her true allergy, the hives and the "hot" feeling are much different from the red, slightly irritated skin of acidic food. I can't answer the Benadryl question though, since after reaction #2 the offending food was banned from our house and she hasn't encountered it since. (Anything with artificial cinnamon flavor.) It got worse each time and I didn't want to see how far it would go. Personally, I would give Benadryl orally, not just put it on like a bug bite, but putting it on topically wouldn't hurt!
Thanks, mama! As many foods/grasses/molds etc as I'm allergic to, I've never had hives as a reaction, so this is a new thing for me.... And of course the child is now hooked on pineapple, begging for it every meal! I've staved her off for a bit, but maybe I'll give her one more chunk and really watch for reactions.
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