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How much is too much food in a day for a bf 10-month old?

My dd just started solids last month and had only been getting a few bites every couple days. Now she has more teeth and is really into stuff like Cheerios, animal crackers, chunks of avocado and fruits, and almost everything I eat she gets to try. Today dh fed her 15 animal crackers over the course of the day, plus she ate an ENTIRE peach cut up, then later she had some avocado and a few french fries. I do make sure to nurse her first, but she nursed way less than usual and didn't even nurse to sleep, probably due to all that food. I actually had to pump today (don't usually) because both sides were quite full and one side was starting to hurt. How much is too much food in a day for a bf 10 month old? I don't want to risk my supply going down, as I would like to bf her as long as she'll let me.

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