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Re: Punkin Booty Bits made by in_mommy

Approximate date of purchase: June 2008
Where did you purchase the item(s) from:
What did you buy: the sampler of booty bits in vanilla, fruit slices, tropical, blueberry, and peach! also a sample of the booty balm!
How was the customer service: awesome! great communication and she sent me a few extra booty bits!
Review of the product: I LOVE these. They dissolve fast, and I can put them in my wipes container and they DON'T get mildewey like I've had happen with other wipes cubes. They smell divine and I bring them everywhere, I have officially stopped using disposie wipes!
Any additional comments: I've used these to wipe dirty faces and hands, and to wipe schmutz off of myself!
Would you do business with them again? Yes/No Oh heck yeah! I will be ordering more shortly, they are wonderful!
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