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Afraid giving too much solids too fast

Basically an 8 month old DD: we have played with solids: rice cereal (blah), sweet potatoes (Gerber organic) at 6 months, peas (Gerber organic) at 7.5 months and now banana in a mesh feeder. My ped. fussed at me that my DD wasn't eating 3 meals a day.

My DD gained 3.5 lbs the first two months and then around 4 lbs. in the last 6 months EBFing. I have been sick and required a very low fat diet (have lost a ton of weight). So this is heavy on my mind. I want to BF long term and therefore not do alot of solids but I can't judge how hungry she really is.

Question: because we are starting solids more constantly now and she wants them. I do not know how much to give her. I put a 1/3 of a banana in the feeder and she ate all of it. Now when she has always been regular, she is going every two days and explosively awful diapers. Like out the diaper, puddle in the carseat up to the head rest (yes, of course when I had an important time sensitive errand to run) Thank you Lord for the grace to handle the heat of life. I am not sure knowing she will eat what I give her how much to give her to not upset her tummy and let me body adjust. Thoughts, suggestions, esp. from those who seem to have great ped. (Mine is great on no vaccines and the rest I have to live with).
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