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Re: Breastfeeding and clothdiapering = insane!??

Originally Posted by dreamtiger View Post
um respectfully asking a question as a new mom, CDing, BFing...when I saw the topic post I thought it was in seriousness... because when i first came home with my 6 wk preemie who had trouble BFing, the thought of using my IPF and Proraps were stressful, and Pampers were all we used for the first few weeks. When I and DD began to get into a better groove, I gained enough confidence to CD most of the day, and now, I CD when I'm out and trying to figure out a CD system for nightime.

Did anyone else have trouble getting the hang of CD at first with the stress of difficult BFing or was it just me? Or is that just a different thread altogether

Hey, dreamtiger, no, you're not the only one. I had a group of crunchy friends talk me into CD'ing but in the beginning I hardly knew if it was day or night most of the time! I had trouble positioning DD to nurse (stitches) and we didn't get into a groove until about 4 weeks. I had started using some of the cloth dipes they gave me for my shower, but gave up after a few thousand dipes (OK, I'm exaggerating)...and those dipes sat in the pail for several days! They were sooo nasty! My mom wanted to throw them out but I insisted we sanitize them. (I confess, I used bleach. ) In the end I gave them away.

To my friends I've recommended using sposies for the first couple weeks at least, then switching over. It's hard to clean meconium off cloth dipes sometimes anyway. To the ones that go cloth all the way, however, I salute you! I just had to recognize my own personal limitations and figure out what worked for us.

Congrats! and good luck

P.S. For nighttime there's a lot of moms that swear by prefolds under wool covers. I haven't tried those yet, but we do have a Honeyboy AIO that is like the super-diaper. It's huge, but it doesn't leak.
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