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Re: Breastfeeding and clothdiapering = insane!??

Originally Posted by Tootsiemomma View Post
Have any of ya'll seen Surviving Motherhood?? I watch that one sometimes too but have def noticed that they all seem to ff. They never talk about breastfeeding or cding or anything like that, you would think out of all the mommas that they show on there, that at least one would do it
I've seen a cople of moms bf on there. A few who even did it while on camera. Also, unrelated, but the show "Take Home Chef" on TLC, there was a family on there, and the mom had a baby who was probably around 6 months old- and they were on the way to the house, and stopped so the chef could go in and get something, and while stopped, she was bf'ing her dd in the car. I thought that was way cool.
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