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Need advice on salvaging CDs

I took the kids to their grandparents for three weeks. I came back and after a week of adding to my diaper pail realized that my husband (in a very uncharacteristic move) did not wash the dipes in the pail while I was gone. I just went to do a load and found out I have MUSHROOMS growing out of my diapers. Not mold. Not mildew. But honest-to-god gigantic mushrooms growing out of the ones on the bottom. I am so angry I could just spit.

We are using all cotton Snap-to-fits. Is there ANY way I can salvage these diapers?


We chucked the whole bag (as you could see from the photos). By the time Hubbie got home I knew it must be a lost cause, but I made him sort through the dipes anyway. I figured that would be a fitting punishment, to start.

My son is nearly two and has shown interested in potty-training, so I don't know that I want to replace everything I lost (which was 10 or so dipes--Usch. Just typing that number hurts).

I have a really old stash of dipes that I am thinking of using, but all the velcro needs to be replaced. We haven't found the foot-pedal to our sewing machine after the move, so I am trying to get the logistics on THAT worked out.

Otherwise, I didn't kill my husband or break his legs. Though I did tell him it's a damn good thing I don't like diamonds or I would be expecting some serious bling this weekend.

An added bonus was that the garbage men didn't fall over when they hauled the shrooms away. I wouldn't have wanted to be liable for that.

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