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Re: Need advice on salvaging CDs

Originally Posted by chloecat View Post
okay mama---dont' use bleach. you will kill your diapers. a tiny tiny bit--like 1-2 tablespoon is one thing. but a whole soak will ruin them.

try this.....

-spray off outside like pp said to get all the loose gunk and mushrooms off diapers
-dump in the washing machine with full strength oxiclean. read the directions on the back for their "power soak" and use that mixture.
--leave sit overnight in this mix with water completelty covering them
--drain in the morning and do 2 full wash cylce with the normal soap you use and an extra rinse at the end.

that should do the trick. if not--pm me and maybe i can think of something else to try!! good luck!!
I'm with her. A teeny bit of bleach goes a long way. Oxiclean is amazing stuff. If they're too stinky to put IN the washing machine, see if you can do some type of outside soak in oxiclean.

And I want to see pics too!
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