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Re: Where's the best place to buy Mason jars?

We mostly freeze things like bean soups, corn chowder, chicken stock, split pea soup etc - I'd have to see if there are big fat funnels to let some of the chunks of beans/ham/sausage through, but that's a great idea. Other things we make are red beans for red beans and rice, or this really awesome Caribbean black bean soup... they get spicier the longer it's in the freezer... yum.

My husband is Fillipino so everything must be eaten on rice in his mind, so we generally freeze these really protein or veggie filled soups that are REALLY thick, then defrost them when we don't have time to cook, throw some rice in the rice cooker, and just eat the soup stuff on top of the rice. Now that we've been doing it for so long, I'm starting to feel the love for stuff on rice. He's even gotten me to start eating omletes (SP?) on rice. ha!

Also, I make my own red sauce for pasta, and just toss it all in the slow cooker. My family is Italian and we've always just made our own, and I realized recently that the stuff you buy at the store makes my stomach hurt, almost regardless of the brand... Don't know why that is. We used to buy a lot of alfredo sauce or applesauce in jars, and that's what we've been using for jars thus far.

Speaking of applesauce, it gets made pretty often too since all you have to do is peel them and throw them in.

I swear, while I was preggo, the last few months I had the slow cooker going everyday... now we have a whole chest freezer filled with old jars filled with all kinds of goodies. It's great in a pinch.
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