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Re: Can Anyone Help?

maybe she didn't have a very strong suck when she was so little and your supply didn't really get going strong there would have been other ways to address that then, but... lets see what you can do about it now.

1. start pumping every two hours (best if you can rent a hospital grade pump)
2. drink LOTS of water
3. there are some supplements out there that boost supply, although i dunno much about them, i'm sure other mamas can advise you there
4. SNS (supplemental nursing system), it will stimulate your supply better than just pumping
5. go see a LC and/or LLL for support. you'll need some if your family can't help you out.

you can always give your oldest BM of course, but it's probably more important for your baby to get it now. so when your supply is well established (this can take 6 weeks!) and it seems that you have enough for 2 kids, go for it!

it's totally doable but it takes time and a lot of determination ! GL mama
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