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Re: Can Anyone Help?

Certainly good suggestions so far...nurse as often as possible!!! To keep your baby interested while nursing, (because with low milk supply, baby can can get frustrated and pull off) you can try doing breast compressions while she is latched. Make a C with your hand; place your fingers under your breast, gently push in towards your chest, and using your thumb gently massage, by rolling towards the areola. do this when baby is not latched so you can see that you are expressing your milk, and know you're doing it correctly.

also, you should try to get her used to a lower milk flow. this could help: when using a bottle, sit your baby as upright as possible. hold the bottle horizontally to her body, and gently sway the bottle up and down so that she will get milk for 2-3 sucks, and no milk for 2-3 sucks. if she is used to this slower pace, she will have more patience at your breast.

fenugreek has worked great for some mothers, and there are also presciption meds too...Reglan is one i've heard works really well. the trouble is eventually needing to wean yourself off of it.

good luck and keep at it!! you're right that any breast milk, and nursing will be great for her and you!
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