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this is probably already old news but i just read it lol

i recieve babytalk mag in the mail, well i don't always get to it immediately and today i did. well in the momspeak section of it are the "sound offs" to the august cover of the bfing baby. i was shocked (yeah i know that seems strange that i would be shocked but i honestly didn't relize how "unaccepted" bfing is until recently lol) at a couple cons that they had!!!!! i'm not going to quote the whole sound off from these two moms, just the parts that shocked me. one said "Yes, it is best for baby and supposedly comes naturally, but a bare breast-baby on it or not-makes a lot of people uncomfortable." , and yes she actually had the word supposedly in italics!!!!!!!! WTH!!!!! another mom said "Yes, it may be nautral, but we have formula now. Anyone doing it in public should be arrested for indecent exposure. Why can't they put it in bottles or something?" ...."but we have formula now" WTH!!!!!!! i understand some moms can't, and some moms choose not too......but how on earth does that mean that NONE of us should just b/c someone many years ago figured out how to keep the babies alive whose mothers COULDN'T!!!!!

anyhow....i'm off now!
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