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Re: Orientation + friendship = What role in your life?

Well I do care and wouldn't be friends with a homosexual or a bisexual, etc... I don't consider myself racist or sexist either because I like all colors of people which is the exact opposite of racist and I'm not sexist because I think men and women are equal. I wish people would use terminology correctly when dealing with this subject. I am die hard conservative protestant and homosexuality is against my religion. I don't hate them but I will not condone it and will not allow my children around them- so that answers the other question. No my kids would not be allowed to play with theirs. I don't want that kind of lifestyle flaunted around my kids. I don't want them to think it's "ok" to be that way. I am not rude to homosexuals but my beliefs are my beliefs and I'm going to try my hardest to raise my kids with some moral fiber. My husband has a lesbian grandma and I am not rude to her or her partner but she knows how I feel about it- they both do. I told them how I felt and we have a mutual respect, which is basically that one is grandma and the other is a "friend." Also that if there lifestyle starts sparking odd questions amongst the boys then my hubby and I will probably discontinue visiting, etc... We don't really see her often anyways so it probably won't be an issue. So there it is and I'm sure I'll be bashed eventhough I haven't bashed anyone elses opinions on the matter.
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